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By: W8WIN Tom


Hello everyone!

As discussed at our last meeting, I was asked to provide a little more information about GMRS to our club members and a “possible” NCARC mission statement to include GMRS users into our club activities. 


GMRS is a rapidly growing service with people becoming interested in UHF radio communications for a variety of reasons. Some view GMRS as an alternative to Amateur Radio because one license covers the ENTIRE immediate family (per household) to use GMRS without having to be individually licensed.

A GMRS license is still only $35 and good for 10 years, super easy to apply for, and you get your license In 2 to 5 days typically. No tests required. (Some estimates put new GMRS licenses being granted at rate of 1000 per week) based on two friends of mine who recently got licensed, this number was actually a low. The price was recently lowered from $70 to $35 contributing to the recent upswing in people applying for a GMRS license. 


This type of service is attractive to people who are referred to as “Preppers” aka people who are prepared for emergency’s or prolonged outages of power or cellular communications 

(Much like Ham Radio)


Others view GMRS as more of a hobby for socializing and experimenting with radio equipment to improve range and performance.

(Again… much like Amateur Radio)


GMRS users are allowed a maximum of 50 watts input with no hight or antenna restrictions as well as the usage of Repeaters are allowed. 


(FYY I own two GMRS repeaters)


Brunswick 462.625 PL 131.8

Lakewood  462.600 PL 181.8

Open for anyone to use. 


I also have a Ham Radio Repeater Brunswick 444.650 PL 131.8

Medium coverage, Just for fun! 

Also 927 MHz coming soon! 


Upon looking for info to share with our club members, I found the best description was provided by our friends at the FCC



To be clear, this is not a judgment of Amateur Radio vs GMRS as both have some unique benefits in their own respective ways! But rather to expand the positive aspects of both services and possibly attract some new members that share a common interest. 


Thanks for reading!


Tom W8WIN / WRKT687 


Link for more details about GMRS 

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) | Federal Communications Commission



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