Information about
 The North Coast Amateur Radio Club

Thanks for asking about our Club!

 North Coast is an active club interested in supporting amateurs who have interesting and
 helpful ideas. We would like to share a description of our Club and repeaters with hopes of
 gaining your support.

 The North Coast Amateur Radio Club is a not-for-profit Ohio corporation operated for public
 service, emergency communications, charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

 Contributions to the NCARC are allowed as a tax deduction under Section 501(c)(3) of the
 Internal Revenue Code. Dues are not considered a contribution and are, therefore, not

 The Club is governed by a Board consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary,
 Treasurer and nine other Trustees. All trustee positions are filled by a vote of the membership.

 Club meetings are held at 7:00pm on the (?) Thursday** of each month. (Note: Due to the Virus
 all Meetins are currently ZOOM Meetings.)  Always check our Website Home Page for changes. 

The meetings are normally 
held at the Strongsville Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library.
It is located at 18700 Westwood 
Road, Strongsville, Ohio. Talk-in is on the 145.29 repeater.  A Trustee's meeting is at that same place at 6:30pm, prior to the regular meeting.  

  Rick - K8SCI suggested to the Club that the Club's Callsign N8NC be established onto the Club's
  Repeaters.  This has been agreed to and the Club's Repeaters will be changed to N8NC/R during

 At 2000 hours each Sunday, a club informal information net is held on our 145.29 repeater
 which normally includes the weekly Amateur Radio Newsline Report.

 Field Day is an exciting annual event with many of our members participating. It is always
 held on the fourth full weekend of June.

 A Technical Committee oversees the equipment and technical needs of the Club. Our
 Finance Committee offers recommendations to the Trustees on all financial matters.
 Individual club members look after the remaining Club work.

 Our 145.29 machine was put on the air in May 1983 by a group of 18 amateurs who formed
 the North Coast Amateur Radio Club. In November 1988, our 443.15 repeater was put on the
 air. In January 1989, our 224.76 machine was born.

  The two meter repeater is presently located in Brunswick, Ohio. The repeater Trustee is Rick
  Wells, K8SCI.  Brunswick is about 15 miles south of central Cleveland on the northern edge
  of Medina County.  The 145.29 repeater is an on-site, Yaesu DR-1x Fusion, controlled by an
  ACC RC-850 controller, running 25 watts out of the duplexer.  A CTCSS 110.9 Hz subaudible tone 
  is used for two meter repeater access.

 The 220 Repeater is Spectrum Communications.  The 440 Repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X. They are
located in the city of North
 Royalton. The 220 repeater is open carrier access, while the 440
repeater requires 131.8 Hz.
 continuous subaudible tone.

 Our 145.29 antenna system consists of 7/8 inch heliax feeding the 2 meter part of a Comet
 GP-15 omnidirectional vertical antenna at 1400 feet above sea level. The 220 & 440 machines
 share a Comet CX-333 vertical antenna at 1200 feet above sea level. It is fed with 50 feet of
 RG-213 COAX.

 With the exception of the repeater codes and newsletter, all North Coast projects, events and
 equipment are open to all persons at any time regardless of their membership in the Club.

 Although membership is not required to use the NCARC Repeaters, REGULAR users are
 encouraged to financially support the Cub.

 We at North Coast would appreciate your support. In return, North Coast will attempt to fulfill
 its commitment to you and to all of amateur radio. If you become a member, we invite you to
 participate and become active in the Club.  Many times things seem to be under control but in
 fact are coordinated by volunteers spread much too thin. 

For more information, please Email: 

   or call--

  Rick Wells, K8SCI
  PO BOX 271, Brunswick, OH 44212-0271
  PH:  ( 330 )  225 - 7373


  ** Subject to Change depending on Space availability