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Serving The Northeast Ohio Counties of Cuyahoga, Lorain and Medina

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       Amateur Radio Newsline Reports  -  ( NC8F - Wayne )                                                                                         

   Disaster Liaison - None                           
        Awards - None             
                                      Field Day - N8AHS - Fred                            
       Fox Hunt - None                
             Fund Raising - WB8UDA Fred        
                               N8QXC Joe
        Hamfest - None               
 N8NC Club Call Sign Trustee - N8KJT – Norb                                 
(N8NC is used at Field Day and on the Club’s Repeaters)
             Membership - Dan, KB8A                
                         Newsletter -  Position Open                
 Net 2 Meter - ( Net Control Ops: Fred - N8AHS, Wayne - NC8F )                             
             Programs - N8AHS, Fred    
          Public Service - K8SCI, Rick             
 Repeater Trustee N8NC/R - K8SCI, Rick                               
                         Sunshine -  ( Position Open )    
         Technical - Rick, K8SCI
                                    - Tom, K8DMM
                                  - Norb, N8KJT
                                    - Dan, KB8A       

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 CQ  CQ  de  N8NC,   N8NC   Calling All Amateur Radio Operators

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Lake Erie Nearshore Marine Forecast/Data Conditions (Text):   Lake Erie   

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Federal Communications Commission
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ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment
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        Cleveland, Ohio USA 
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Additional Net Control Operators are needed for the NCARC Sunday INFO Net

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 North Coast Amateur Radio Club - Meetings  
"In Person" at the Strongsville Branch of the Cuyahoga County Library,
18700 Westwood Dr, Strongsville, OH
 or via ZOOM 

Trustees Meeting at 6:45pm JAN, APR, JUL & OCT.   
 Membership Meetings at 7:00pm

 Programs: Tom K8DMM: Why 50 Ohms? Why 50 ohms is standard in communications, to be presented at the May 11, 2023 meeting

    More INFO here:   Meeting Program      

The North Coast Amateur Radio Club would like to invite you to JOIN our Club.

We need the support of the local Amateur Radio Community

Our Repeaters:
145.290 Brunswick, Ohio -  Input: -600 kHz Offset - 110.9 Hz Tone Access
224.760 North Royalton, Ohio -  Input: -1.6 MHz Offset  - OPEN
443.150 North Royalton, Ohio - Input: +5.00 MHz - 131.8 Hz Tone Access

Field Day - N8NC, 5A, Battery, QRP


Complete our Application Form and send it in.

  The Next 2023 NCARC Meetings 

    May 11th, June 8th.
The July and August Meetings will be Picnic Meetings at Bonnie Park, Strongsville.

A ZOOM Connection will be available to join those Meetings.

( Members with a valid Email Address will be sent an invite from Tom - K8DMM )
  If you would like to join the ZOOM Meeting as a Guest, please request a
Link (invite) by Emailing Tom - K8DMM at:   

    Stay "Tuned" to the NCARC Information Net on Sundays at 8:00pm
for additional information and/or any changes.

What is GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service)
 Here is some INFO about GMRS from Tom W8WIN 
GMRS Users are Welcomed At NCARC 
The North Coast Amateur Radio Club 
(NCARC) welcomes all licensed GMRS operators 
to our organization. 
NCARC fully supports and encourages any licensed GMRS enthusiasts to participate in club meetings and events. 
We believe both Amateur Radio and GMRS are both EXCELLENT radio services that offer a wide variety of positive advantages and enjoyment for it’s users. Some of our members are also active GMRS users as well.
Come join us and make some new friends! 

Tom W8WIN / WRKT687 
330 461-6653 
Website: W8WIN.us 

 The N.C.A.R.C. EchoLink is currently unavailabe at this time.
 Any Update will be Posted here, and on the Club's Facebook Page.